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Chiropractor - Ian Miller DC, AMC, FMCA, FCCAnimals also benefit from having their bodies re-balanced. Working bodies become out of balance. Dogs have vertebrae construction in their spine similar to humans. They benefit from a manipulation tune-up to improve free flowing movement.

Please note that it is against the law in the UK to treat an animal without the authority of your veterinary surgeon. Please telephone your vet to arrange this before asking for a treatment appointment.

Does my dog need a manipulation treatment?

Yes, if there is one or more of the following signs:

  1. Signs of pain or discomfort, for example:
    (a) when getting up;
    (b) when being stroked or groomed.
  2. Reluctance to exercise.
  3. Stiffness or pain after exercise.
  4. Difficulty climbing stairs or getting into cars.
  5. When viewed from side, top line of spine is unusually hunched.
  6. Lack of fluidity in movement.
  7. Unexplained deterioration in usual performance.
  8. Lameness especially after a fall or accident where alternative causes have been ruled out.
  9. Uncharacteristic changes in behaviour, performance or temperament.
  10. Limb-dragging or odd, irregular action.
  11. Recurrence of symptoms previously successfully treated by manipulation.
  12. Absence of any resolution of the problem using conventional methods.
  13. Even if apparently symptom free, most old dogs will usually benefit from a treatment.
  14. Unable to put head down to eat or drink.


Dogs - £45 for first treatment, £20-40 for any subsequent treatments.

Written reports to veterinary surgeons or insurance companies are charged extra.