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Health Philosophy and Benefits

Chiropractor - Ian Miller DC, AMC, FMCA, FCCThree requirements for good health are a well-aligned skeleton, a nervous system that functions optimally and soft tissues that are free from tension. Soft tissues include muscles, ligaments and fascia.

We all hold some tension in our bodies, often in horizontal bands at different levels. In the area where the tension is stored the result is restricted movement leading to some ill health symptom.

The nervous system is important as it is the main control and communication system in the body and links with all the other body systems.

I believe that if it is not a direct trauma that has mis-aligned a bone, the most likely cause must be tension in soft tissue pulling, (or holding) the bone out of alignment. The soft tissue tension may have a large variety of causes including stress (mental and/or emotional), toxicity, poor posture, and repetitive one-sided use of body. Therefore I work to re-align the skeleton AND to loosen tension from soft tissues, enabling the body's own natural healing systems to work more efficiently. I also carry out simple tests to assess the function of all the major nerves in your body and if function is less then optimal, I work to stimulate the relevant nerve or the appropriate part of the brain.

Food for Thought

  1. Headaches are not due to a deficiency of aspirin: something is out of balance in the body.
  2. What you do, (think, eat and feel) today affects how you sleep tonight and thus how you feel tomorrow.
  3. No human being can make you healthy. Healing comes from within, or not at all. Health is similar to honesty, integrity and courage which all come from within you and cannot be given or bought.
  4. The body is a response mechanism. It responds to ways in which we live out of harmony with nature. If we regard symptoms of ill health as a message from our body and an opportunity to learn something, grow and/or make appropriate changes, then this puts a different perspective on ill health rather than the opposite view of "why poor me?" Hopefully the above will help you appreciate that we do have some power over our health and we are not just victims of fate.
  5. The choices that you make now determine the choices next available to you.

Please also take a look at my health maintenance site which has advice and guidance on how to keep healthy.