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What do I do?

Chiropractor - Ian Miller DC, AMC, FMCA, FCCAll my work is done gently. Using my hands and fingers, I sensitively feel your body to assess both the alignment of the skeleton and areas where tension is being stored. I also carry out some neurological tests to assess the function of your nervous system. This is the main control and communication system of your body. Then I make any necessary adjustments to the alignment of the bones: this is done using either my hands or an electric instrument with a tapping movement. I also release tension from muscles and other soft tissues (fascia and ligaments). This is relevant to the alignment of your skeleton because most of the soft tissues attach to bones.

Adjusting a vertebra (one of the bones that form the spinal column) can improve the function of the nervous system by transmitting a stimulation to the part that needs it. After manipulating the skeleton, I re-assess nervous system function and if it is still less than satisfactory, I use light-therapy* to stimulate the relevant part of the nervous system. When I first heard of stimulation by light to the nervous system, my reaction was “What has light to do with chiropractic?” The benefits have to be experienced to be believed. The light stimulates the mitochondria (the part of each cell which produces energy). Energy is required to transmit messages around the body via the nervous system.

*The light which I use is red and infra-red light emitting diodes and/or low level laser light of 5 milliwatt power.

For more information on this style of working see: and

Very many ill-health conditions can result from one or more of the following:

  1. misaligned bones, especially in the spine;
  2. tension stored in the body, distorting body shape or impeding natural movement of some part(s) of the body;
  3. imperfect functioning of the nervous system. Using the analogy of an electrical circuit, there can be electrical glitches in the system which are not directly related to alignment of bones or tension in the body. Another analogy is to say that using light therapy on the nervous system allows the body to convert light energy into electrical energy. In many situations a multi-therapeutic approach is required for maximum healing to occur. The techniques which I use are detailed below.

Available therapies include:

Manipulation - extremely gentle

The gentle manipulation and checking alignment of the whole skeleton including spine, pelvis, skull and ribs. The adjustments are also to remove interference with the nervous system which is a major control and communication system in the body. It is via the nervous system that we perceive what is happening outside our bodies. We have the eye organs to see with, but it is via the optic nerves that messages are transmitted from the eye to the brain. The same applies with the other senses.

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Cranio-sacral Therapy

Cranio-sacral Therapy is well known for helping babies and children, but is also beneficial for adults. The Cranio-sacral system includes the bones of the skull, face and mouth and extends down the spine to the sacrum (the wide part of the spine between the pelvic bones). Its connecting membranes form a hydraulic system. An imbalance in this can adversely affect the development and function of the brain and spinal cord which can result in sensory, motor and intellectual dysfunction. This light hands-on approach assists the hydraulic forces inherent within the Cranio-sacral system and self correcting occurs.

Benefits of Cranio-sacral Therapy:

  1. Allows the body to do what it needs for self-healing and self-regulation, as distinct from the therapist imposing on the body what the therapist thinks is needed.

  2. Helps the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid which surrounds the brain and spinal cord.

  3. Allows the dural tube, (the outer sheath of the spinal cord) to stretch and unwind thus releasing tension stored within its tissues. This link with the nervous system is one reason why this therapy ideally complements chiropractic.

  4. Using the force of the cranial rhythm helps to expand the freedom and range of movement of the bones which form part of the Cranio-sacral system, namely all the 20 bones of the head plus the sacrum. It is likely that you are not aware of the movement of the front of the ribs where they join the breast bone, or movement of the back of the ribs where they join with the vertebrae (bones that form the spinal column). Similarly we are not aware of the movement of the bones in the head, but they do move. If there is restriction of normal movement, then there is often an adverse effect.

  5. The Cranio-sacral system is an important system which needs to be well balanced in order for there to be optimum health.

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Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation loosens ligaments holding organs in place; some ligaments attach to bones, thus affecting the alignment of structure.

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Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy also loosens areas of tension in the body.

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